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Ready to become your best self?

In my book, you’ll find strategies to grow more resilient and move from limitations into fulfillement, self-compassion, and kindness.

ABout the Book

BE YOUR BEST is a gift to those who need courage and wisdom to let go of the past, heal life wounds, and create a new vision for the future. It is a collection of uplifting inspiration, invaluable life lessons gleaned from my past challenges, and the story behind them.

Nothing can change the past but I believe we all have the capacity to direct our thoughts and decide what to think to start having control over our outcomes. This is what the book is all about. It emphasizes on the fact that we always have a choice even when we think we don’t have one. It is a heart-to-heart conversation and an opportunity to dive deep into the self to raise all the fears and self-doubt and find answers to your own confusion. It will teach you skills that you never knew you needed, skills never taught at school or at home.

In this book, you will find practical, simple, and actionable reflections to allow you to pause, to treat your problems from the source and change the way you perceive them.

Sometimes, just one idea fom the book or one inspiration might be what you need to get you started.



What’s inside


Why this book?

Written for you


My journey

The reasons and inspiration


Eleven lessons to rise up stronger

What I did learn


Lesson 1 : Accept who you really are

Your are unique and enough


Lesson 2 : Find what you really want

And go for it


Lesson 5 : Trust your journey

You can make it 


And more !

Why this book?

This book is both a thank you to the many people who supported me and believed in me and a gift to those who need courage and wisdom to let go of the past, heal life wounds, and create a new vision for the future. It is a collection of uplifting inspiration, invaluable life lessons gleaned from my past challenges, and the story behind them, which is something that I have never been able to share before.

It took me my whole life to write these chapters as diving into the past and revisiting some traumatic experiences were themselves challenging. Every chapter of my life, every experience I had to go through, and every struggle I had to overcome during my journey trying to win an inner battle, helped me become the person of my choice.

By sharing my story, I aspire to empower others to share and own their stories too, confront their vulnerabilities, and change the way they feel about them to rise stronger and be a better version of themselves.

You cannot open new chapters in your life and be happy in the present if you are stuck in the past, rehashing what happened and duplicating stories of grudges and hate. Constantly comparing your life in your present with what you have lost can affect your mental and physical health, career, and relationships. It can destroy hope within you and make you bitter and depressed. Is it the life you aspire to have for you and for your beloved ones? Certainly not.

Resilience is the most important skill needed nowadays
to keep going despite life’s hurdles.



“You have the capacity to direct your thoughts and decide what to think, to start having control over your outcomes.”

Enlightening! It gets deep into your heart and encourages you to work. Hanane Anoua has the gift of speaking and writing from her heart, she inspires people by connecting deeply, sharing her emotions, and conveying a positive experience. This book is unique, it is already brave to share your painful stories in writing, but it takes deep courage to use them to help others as motivation and a tool for self-improvement, empathy flows through the book, there is no single page without deep emotions and a lesson.”

Rolando Rodriguez, Chemist, Scientist, Professor

“Hanane has the powerful mix of resilience and empathy. By courageously sharing her story, she connects with people in an authentic way and guides them to transform their pain into power.”

Lousin Mehrabi, Professional Negotiator.

“Hanane Anoua possesses great emotional intelligence, her most impressive attribute is her kind heart and authentic desire to bring out the best in everybody, she shares her overcoming personal difficulties and obstacles with refreshing transparency. Good people make an impression on you. Outstanding people, such as Hanane Anoua, leave footprints on your heart.”

James Wurst, PharmD.

About the author.

Hanane Anoua

I believe that every single person is unique, and everyone has great potential, and it is my mission to make it clear to them so they can become a better version of themselves and perform at their best.

I have been obsessed with personal development, psychology, and the study of human behavior since an early age. I had to use them in the first place to overcome my own past traumatic experiences and struggles but in the last five years I awakened a purposeful dream which is to inspire and empower others.

I hold a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in business management and social sciences. I am a certified Professional Coach (ACC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming, Mindfulness and more.

I worked with students, entrepreneurs, senior executives, political leaders, coaches, and CEOs, from eleven countries and nineteen nationalities, on developing their leadership skills and brands, incorporating insights from modern and ancient disciplines. My students and clients have described me as: caring, compassionate, inspiring, a genuine leader, and an achiever. 

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked in different leadership positions in marketing and communication of North and West African markets. For nearly 11 years, I was responsible for driving marketing strategies and campaigns, and increasing brand awareness and profitability.

Today, I am committed to staying at the forefront of leadership development research and practices. I immerse myself in the latest literature on leadership, neuroscience, and mindset transformation. This commitment to ongoing learning allows me to provide my clients with cutting-edge strategies and insights.